Rhode Island Solar Incentives
Rhode Island ranks #7 in America for Residential Solar Savings
Rhode Island has been a solar friendly state for some time now but its high cost of power and its $0.375 production incentive for exported power now make it the most attractive state in the nation in which to install solar panels.

There is also a grant program that can award an upfront rebate of $1.05 per watt if you buy solar panels for your home.

Incentives are limited and typically run out by the end of the year so if you're interested, it's best to act fast.

Nevada Solar Incentives
Nevada ranks #16 in America for Residential Solar Savings
With 300 days of sun per year and some of the best solar incentives available, Nevada is the ultimate state for residential solar power.

Let us help you take advantage of rebates, incentives and installation savings today.

Washington Solar Incentives
Learn About Incredible Solar Energy Savings in Washington
There has never been a better time add solar renewable energy to your home.

With the new Washington State Solar Incentive, big solar energy savings are now a possibility for everyone. 
You will Save up to 80% off the cost of a new solar energy system for your home when you go solar with Sol Energi. 

Homeowners just can't believe the energy savings they experience each month by going solar.

Each year the Washington State Solar Initiative will send you a check for all of the energy you produce.

Give us a call today and join the solar energy movement in Washington. 

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